Miss Allison Steinberg — Academic Dean and Middle School Homeroom Teacher


Allison Steinberg joined the faculty in 2016, and will be teaching 6th-12th grade Latin, Middle and High School Literature, Middle School Science and History, and Logic. She also serves as our Academic Dean. 

Allison grew up just a few hours south of the Canadian border, in the beautiful Seattle area. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and Culture from New St. Andrew’s College in Moscow, Idaho, she moved to northern California to teach at St. Andrew’s Academy, a sister school of St. Timothy's, where she spent about a dozen years. During that time, she taught humanities to almost every grade, focusing on Greek, Latin, and History. She was also the boarding house mother to domestic and international students for three years. Since coming to Dallas, she has completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Amberton University.

A language connoisseur (or perhaps language nerd), she can read Latin and Greek, and is currently learning to speak Italian. This is the perfect excuse to make homemade pasta every so often, and watch foreign films on Netflix in her spare time. Otherwise she enjoys visiting Half Price Books, writing, and hanging out with friends and their cute children.