A K4-12th, classical, parish school in the heart of Uptown Dallas.

Now enrolling for the 2019-2020 school year

The mission of The Saint Timothy School is to endow our children with the tools of learning, and the wisdom of the ages, by nourishing their souls with truth, goodness and beauty, so that they may serve God and their fellow man, with virtue, dignity, and strength.




The Saint Timothy School is a ministry of THE CHAPEL OF THE CROSS, an Anglican parish in the Reformed Episcopal Church. Unlike independent schools, Saint Timothy's is a true parish school, governed by the rector and vestry of the parish, whose staff and trustees are fully committed to providing an educational program that guides students into a lifelong path of wisdom. The school operates under the parish bylaws and in conformity to the Constitution and Canons of the Reformed Episcopal Church.


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The Saint Timothy School is a member of the Anglican School Association, which supports member schools in fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual, and moral objectives of an Anglican educational program by certifying that established standards to that end have been met and will be sustained by a continuous process of self-evaluation and self-improvement.



The Saint Timothy School is committed to providing a high-caliber staff of educators who embrace the philosophy and principles of classical Christian education and are committed to the full integration of faith and learning. We maintain a low student-teacher ratio so as to provide an effective, personal learning environment. In this setting our teachers act not only as instructors but also as mentors and Christian role-models.


The Saint Timothy School is a ministry of The Chapel of the Cross, an Anglican parish in the Reformed Episcopal Church. We are conveniently located near Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Highland Park, and University Park.

We are conveniently located near Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Highland Park, and University Park.

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Ultimately, to know and to love the Truth is to become like Christ. An education of the mind, alone, however, cannot convert the heart. And, the human soul is far more than merely rational. Moreover, we seek to teach our children the habits of life around God's throne, and thus our school comes together at the beginning and end of each day to pray, hear Scripture, and sing the Psalms. Morning and Evening Prayer bookend our students' days, and, like a picture, they frame their work. Unlike weekly chapels or brief prayers before classes, our school day is organized around the common worship of the Church. This beautiful and ordered discipline of daily, communal prayer is profoundly formative, and is absolutely central to Saint Timothy's philosophy of education. 


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Our school is committed to providing the following for our students:

  • A worshipping community in which spiritual formation may flourish.

  • Robust academics to prepare our graduates to excel in future educational and vocational pursuits.

  • Integrity and humility through opportunities to serve our community.

  • Skills in art and music to appreciate beauty, and understand the world we share.

  • An environment that fosters respect, honor, diligence, and cheerfulness.


Saint Timothy's, following the model of classical education, nurtures its students through the three fundamental stages of learning: Grammar (foundational and informational skills), Logic (thinking and reasoning skills), and Rhetoric (integration and communication skills).  Peruse the website for more information on classical education.  Our program is designed to be comprehensive from the first day in junior kindergarten through the last day of high school so that each child will develop spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Because we recognize that the primary responsibility for the training of children belongs to parents, interwoven throughout the academic program are strong Christian family values of moral integrity, respect for self and others, and the cooperative effort of school and home.  At Saint Timothy's our emphasis is not only on the three R’s of Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic, but also the three R’s of Respect for authority, Responsibility before God and man, and Resourcefulness in the execution of assigned tasks.  The Saint Timothy School motto is from Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.”


A parish school had long been the dream of parish leaders at The Chapel of the Cross. In 2007, when the school administrator of Good Shepherd Reformed Episcopal School in Tyler, Texas, became rector of The Chapel, a part time school sprang up the following year, soon expanding to a full time (K-12) satellite of the Good Shepherd School in 2010, continuing its curriculum, schedule, mission, and dedication to excellence and mastery. Since then it continues to offer a high quality, academic, and distinctly Christian education to families in the Dallas area.  

Good Shepherd School, begun in 1979 under the ministry of Bishop Ray Sutton, and carefully guided ever since by Bishop Walter and Mrs. Nelda Banek, continues to provide leadership and mutual support in the growing Anglican School Association, to which the Saint Timothy School also belongs.

Small classes in cheerful classrooms with a quiet, disciplined atmosphere provide a wholesome learning environment in which students love to learn and develop their God-given potential. 

Saint Timothy's is a ministry of The Chapel of the Cross Reformed Episcopal Church to all interested families willing to commit to its life, work, and mission. The school is gaining a reputation for excellence in the academic training of young people as well as for the reinforcement of spiritual values in the lives of the children entrusted to us.